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    What is


    It's a fun and engaging way to send special messages to your friends, family and co-workers, using your own voice! The best part about it, your friends don't need to have AniMates to receive their messages! It can be viewed on the web via any desktop browser, tablet or phone. Nothing is holding you back from being "the other" you!



    • You can see and manage all of your messages from an inbox view
    • You can send via email, SMS or post to Facebook
    • Your friends don’t need to have AniMates to receive your message, it can be viewed on the web from any phone or desktop browser
    • AniMates will let you know when a message arrives via push notifications
    • Easily access your contacts through your phone’s address book
    • Send and receive talking character messages for free
    • Choose from dozens of characters and backgrounds
    • A large artist community to supply a steady stream of new characters
    • The Avatar Challenge education program will push even more unique content
    • Use your own photo from your phone’s gallery
    • Select the voice effect: use your own voice, or make it sound higher or lower
    • You can extend recording time to up to 2 minutes

    Why use AniMates?

    Make your messages personal by using your own photo as a background, or purchasing premium backgrounds for Happy Birthday, Love, Thinking of You, and much more

    When you can’t type, you can compose a message with your voice, and don't worry because you can send as many messages as you want for free!





    AniMates is available on Google Play and iTunes for users in the U.S. and Canada. It comes with five free characters and backgrounds, with additional content available for purchase.

    Customer Support

    Need help, have questions or want to provide feedback on AniMates? Contact us at animates-feedback@smithmicro.com.